ARPC “Zeimuļs” home page

This project was made as a result of successful collaboration - a web site for Centre of Creative Services of Eastern Latvia „Zeimuļs” – The Creative center „Zeimuļs” organizes interesting and non-formal education activities for children and youth. „Zeimuļš” everyday work is creative, active and challenging – exactly these criteria were brought forward for this project.

Project Manager:
Edgar Rukmanis
Project start date:
Project Duration:
4 months
Basic technologies:
PHP, JavaScript
Preconditions for development
Web site – it is Your mirror. Web site is the best place where visitors can get necessary information about you and contact you as well.
Centre of Creative Services of Eastern Latvia „Zeimuļs” (ARPC) management, until now, published all the information on the web site of Rēzekne City, and they decided that a modern information provider is necessary - a web site of their own. After a price questionnaire, our company “MS-IDI” made the best offer, as a result contract was signed for the development of the website.
Structure of the site
Well-structured = well understandable! Considering ARPC „Zeimuļs” many visitors and the amount of all the activities that are organized there, it was necessary to create easy to use site, which is why information is split in several parts:
All the newest information
Informs about current and upcoming events
Informs about youth activities and events
Interest Education
Gives information about 86 in total ARPC Zeimuļs ongoing activities with the opportunity to contact teachers
Informs about local and foreign partners
Graphic and video materials
Informs about ARPC offered services and pricing
About us
Giving all the information about ARPC Zeimuļs
Offers interactive map of the City of Rēzekne, contact form, as well as management contact information
Important to mention – one of main rules for the sites structure was not only the simplicity for the user but also in administrator’s panel, providing opportunity for administrator to easily add new titles, insert text and pictures.

Development process

Modern building = timely web site.
Every resident and visitor of Rēzekne City can associate ARPC „Zeimuļs” with unusual and modern architecture alongside with ancient castle ruins. MS-IDI task was to develop a modern information site for people of all ages.
To develop site for customer needs, whole program development cycle was made: analysis of customer needs; information system projection and designing; coding; introduction and maintenance, user training, domain purchase and resource file hosting, all together the development took 3 months.
Architecture of the site was made on open-source code system WordPress, using PHP and JavaScript that were improved with unique MS-IDI developed design, together with already existing function expansion.

Development process was managed after Agile methodology, which ensured regular accomplishment coordination with the customer and further development task approval.


Modern website
Just like the „Zeimuļs” building itself, project had united design and the layout was grouped so the user could easily and intuitively find the necessary information.
Interactive map of the building can oversee its most significant parts (these building spots can be set up in administrator’s panel).


Using non-typical thinking to find solutions.
As in every task, this time was no exception, we encountered some difficulties.
One of the most important things in the development process was the amount of information that was necessary to include in the web site – there are 86 different activities going on in the „Zeimuļs”, so all the events were imported from all the active years, a great amount of graphic materials and other information. For lesson and event list special filters were made that enabled the opportunity to find exactly what user is looking for, whether it’s an event or some kind of activity.

Future plans

Future is not far.

Within the project few things were highlighted, which ARPC „Zeimuļs” would want to improve, establishing more effective and innovative IT solutions. Already in the near future different project plans might come true that would raise ARPC „Zeimuļs” efficiency and the quality of provided services.