“ECOLINES Loyalty System” (ELS) is an innovative information system, designed for passenger transport sector. Purpose of it is to promote the trust for international bus operator ECOLINES and improve cooperation with the customers, thus providing the company's recognition and positive experiences in the public space.

The project was developed in two information system's parts: a system for the public part, designed for customers and the administrative part, which is managed by the ECOLINES operators.

Project Manager: Edgar Rukmanis

Project start date: Aug 2015

Project end date: March 2016

Platform: PHP

Basic technologies: PHP, Laravel, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Git, node.js.

About the company ECOLINES

ECOLINES is the largest and most experienced international coach and bus operator in the Baltic States, which every day allowing passengers comfortably travel between 21 countries and 205 cities. The company positions itself as a reliable, rich in experience, modern, comfortable and high quality service provider in passenger transport market.

ECOLINES already operates in the international bus transport market for 20 years. Investing serious work and continuous development, it currently offers widest route network, as it travels to the Baltic States, Western and Eastern Europe. ECOLINES during its operation became one of the largest and most successful Latvian companies.


Why this system was required?

  • Opaque and decentralized customers management;
  • Manual development of offers prevented to supply so diverse trip discount deals for individuals and groups;
  • Services were not easy to use and opaque;
  • Cumbersome data integration.

Solution: to create a unified system architecture that would centralize customers management and diverse offer system for passenger transport system, enhancing the functionality of ECOLINES and relations with private and corporate clients.

MS-IDI offered information technology solution that can work fast with offers system and be transparent same time.


In a framework of the project was developed international bus operator's ECOLINES loyalty information system, designed to provide for the ECOLINES customers information about their purchases, offers, bonuses and discounts that are granted for the use of the company's services and the accumulated money; ensuring efficient and easily controllable loyalty management system for the administrative part, improving cooperation with existing customers and increasing their level of confidence in the company, as well as attracting new ones.

Benefits of using loyalty system:

  • Fast and automatic customer service;
  • Sales process creation;
  • Tickets purchase process calculation and discount creation;
  • Customer data protection system;
  • Flexible and efficient the administrative part's activities, providing ample opportunities for private and corporate customers;
  • Possibility of ELS integration into the existing sales system of ECOLINES.


The system facilitates the company's daily work and fits in other managed tools of ECOLINES information system.

MS-IDI developed system that was used as a basis for another order from ECOLINES – OWS (ECOLINES Operator`s Workspace).

The infrastructure of information system was developed using open source software and adapted to the specific task solution. This choice allowed realize customers tasks more efficiently, because they demanded diverse variations and configurations with the data.

A modern and appropriate design, which gives to the company united and easy-to-understand style that is functional and is appropriate for the offers positioning, the customer`s profile and administrative part's solutions and opportunities.

The team of the project

Overall, in the project participated 10 MS-IDI employees

Manager of the project/ Analyst/ Programmers/ Designer/ Tester

ELS diagram of operation

The project was created from two parts

The public part

(My ECOLINES) accessible by customers

The administrative part

managed by ECOLINES operators

ELS main principle is the united data space, where customer interacts with an existing ECOLINES Booking System (EBS) and ECOLINES Loyalty System.

Loyalty system's interaction process with participants

Designed system provides connectivity and data integration with the EBS system, enabling fast ticket purchase, offer choice, ticket confirmation and cancellation functions.

The customer and administrative part options

View purchased tickets history


Edit profile settings

Contact the company

Customers data processing and accounting

Authentication of ELS system's operators

Create and edit offers

Operators are assigned to the three types of user rights

ELS Viewer

ELS Admin

ELS Superadmin

The most important benefit of the administrative part is offers section

Their range is very varied – special offers, additional discounts, coupons, offers for the individuals and organizations.

ELS specific feature and benefits

• Significantly reduced the amount of time for drawing up offers;

• Transparent customers database;

• Diverse offers creation and editing capabilities;

• The ability to use as a technical basis for other projects.